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Why I am taking longer than my peers to get a great GMAT score?

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GMAT is a wonderful exam that tests your critical reading, writing, and reasoning skills acquired till date. Critical skills are a crystal-clear thought process regarding the concepts and their application. Often people compare their performance with their peers and wonder why they are not able to perform to the same level despite working harder than them. The reason is that every individual critical skill varies depending on factors like their basic education, higher education, upbringing, job profile, thought process to name a few. Also, it is not about working hard but working smart. So, one should not compare their performance with others but instead, try to raise their bar of critical skills to a higher level which is achievable. However, you will require the guidance of an excellent GMAT instructor to accomplish that. The Internet is flooded with stories of candidates who in spite of giving numerous repeated attempts on the GMAT and putting their best effort were hardly able to see any improvement in their score. These candidates despite studying to the best of their ability, practicing tons of questions, studying from the best online resources available, trying all different strategies were not able to improve their scores. The basic flaw lies in the belief system that putting in long hours of practice will be directly proportional to the increase or improvement in GMAT scores.  However, what candidates preparing for the GMAT don’t realize is that GMAT is a test of your critical skills (reading, writing, and reasoning), which you have learned and have been developing throughout your life. So, a remarkable improvement on GMAT is not possible by following the same set of belief system and procedures which you have been adhering to and accustomed to till now. The bottom line to improve your GMAT score lies deeply rooted in the way you think and implementation of the same. So, to improve your score, you will need to have a total paradigm shift in the way you think and approach things in general, and not considering only the GMAT questions as your universe.  You will have to let go off your old beliefs as those have not been able to deliver what you are aiming for and hoping for. This makes GMAT the most beautiful test which when prepared and practiced effectively will make you a critique in every aspect of life. 

If you are determined about performing better on the GMAT (or your peers), you need to be honest with yourself (easier said than done) about the level you currently stand and your weak areas. You need to gauge yourself and then prepare on three indispensable segments of the GMAT prep: Content Knowledge, Test Strategy, and Time Management. All these three are mandatorily required in equal proportions to improve your score on the GMAT. However, test strategies and time management come into play once you have sound content knowledge. Later, both the other strategies can be honed and applied to exceed your expectations on the GMAT.

GMAT is an exam in which no one strategy fits all. The strategy to rise up the ladder for every individual is unique. Acing the GMAT can be compared to “Enlightenment”. One might have all the necessary ingredients (Content Knowledge, Test Strategy, and Time Management) in place but still, the end result (great GMAT score) is not achievable. What is actually required is to fine-tune all the three ingredients to the correct frequency simultaneously. It may sound impossible but can be accomplished under the guidance of an expert GMAT tutor. 

One should practice selected quality questions rather than a bunch on mundane questions which do not increase your critical skills. Analyzing your mocks and practice test in great detail and depth is another area, which when worked upon effectively gives meaningful insights regarding your strengths and weakness. Contrary to the popular notion of playing on strengths, scoring well on GMAT specifically requires a thorough analysis of identifying your weak areas and converting them into your strengths. This is the single most factor that marks the difference among the candidates who see a great jump in their scores on the final GMAT exam. To identify your weakness you should work with a great GMAT tutor who has years of experience behind his back teaching students of varying aptitude levels. Your tutor can use his or her expertise and can prove to be a great sailor in helping you pass the GMAT with flying colors. 

We at GMAT gladiator have been pioneers in providing world-class online as well as one-on-one classes for the GMAT exam. It gives us great contentment to see our students realize their aspirations and potential through our guidance. We have catered to almost all parts of the globe as far as our students are concerned. Our students have got admitted to the most prestigious schools a child aspires to study. We have years of experience behind our back, which only increases our drive and confidence with each passing year to provide the best education for the GMAT exam. We have always believed that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Since every person is unique, we at GMAT Gladiator also believe that every person has the potential though it just needs to be identified, nurtured, and polished. Each individual has unique strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing for a tutor or guide is to identify the gaps a candidate has and to work upon them slowly and steadily because both the gaps and the grasping power of each child is different, which cannot be identified in group classes. This is by far the most important thing required for a GMAT prep and that’s the reason we don’t do group classes, as we want to be sincere to our profession and one approach does not fit all. For us, money is not the only criterion, but imparting and imbibing valuable education to each person is our prime focus. 

Our point of view – GMAT can be aced, but that surely requires the guidance of top GMAT instructors, which can effectively make a difference in your GMAT prep.