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Reading Comprehension - Collection of All GMAT Prep Questions

The table below lists 130 Reading Comprehension questions that have appeared in GMAT Prep Question Bank and Exams 1 & 2 and in GMAT Paper Tests. Use this list only if you have already taken GMAT Prep Exams 1 & 2 and do not plan to retake them.

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Q#SourceLinkTypeDifficulty Topic
1GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
2GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
3GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
4GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
5GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
6GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
7GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Business
8GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
9GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
10GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
11GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Humanities
12GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
13GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
14GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Business
15GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
16GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
17GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
18GMAT PrepLinkRCEASYSocial Science
19GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
20GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
21GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
22GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
23GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Business
24GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
25GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
26GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
27GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
28GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
29GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
30GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
31GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
32GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
33GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
34GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
35GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
36GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
37GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
38GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
39GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
40GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
41GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
42GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
43GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
44GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
45GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
46GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
47GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
48GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
49GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Humanities
50GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
51GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Humanities
52GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
53GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
54GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
55GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
56GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
57GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
58GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Business
59GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
60GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Humanities
61GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
62GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Science
63GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
64GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
65GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
66GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
67GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
68GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
69GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Business
70GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
71GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
72GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
73GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
74GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
75GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Business
76GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
77GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
78GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
79GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Business
80GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
81GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
82GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
83GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
84GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
85GMAT PrepLinkRCHARD Science
86GMAT PrepLinkRCEASY Science
87GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
88GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
89GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
90GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
91GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
92GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMHumanities
93GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
94GMAT PrepLinkRCHARDSocial Science
95GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
96GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
97GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
98GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Science
99GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
100GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
101GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
102GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
103GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
104GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
105GMAT PrepLinkRCMEDIUM Business
106 GMAT FreeLinkRCEASY Science
107 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Science
108 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Science
109 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Humanities
110 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARDSocial Science
111 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARDSocial Science
112 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUM Science
113 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUM Science
114 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUM Science
115 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUM Humanities
116 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Science
117 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUM Science
118 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Business
119 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARDSocial Science
120 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Business
121 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Business
122 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science
123 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARDSocial Science
124 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARDSocial Science
125 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARDSocial Science
126 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Business
127 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Science
128 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Business
129 GMAT FreeLinkRCHARD Business
130 GMAT FreeLinkRCMEDIUMSocial Science