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Online sat tutoring

Online sat tutoring

To start with, I am a genuine online tutor / private tutor having an outstanding track record as an online SAT tutor. This can be verified from the testimonials on the right of your screen.

Regarding online SAT tutoring, I can say with my experience that with every session we do, the score improves. I have taken SAT myself and I know that it involve hours and hours of carefully focused practice on an almost-daily basis.

If you are skeptical in hiring me as your tutor I can share some information that you may find useful –

I’ve helped a lot of my students to improve upon there scores dramatically, and many of those students have made it to the IVY league, realizing there dreams.

My students have scored perfect 800 in SAT – II (Maths Subject test). I have always maintained my stance that success is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and this applies to both, student as well as tutor.

I do not have any massive score improvement techniques which do not require hard work. I honestly have an outstanding track record as an online SAT tutor – I have helped a lot of students achieve great score improvements, and many of my former students have gone on to the finest in IVY league, among many others. But improving your SAT score is never easy, and my job is to help you understand the concepts, fill the knowledge gaps if there are any, make you work hard and efficiently so that you can achieve your objective of getting a top score.

A good SAT tutor will fill the gaps which you may have in your conceptual understanding and help you understand the standardized test’s classic pitfalls/situations. This ultimately helps in improving your score dramatically. But there’s no magic to any of this. Only hiring a good SAT tutor will not guarantee a significant increase, but it requires working hard and working efficiently.

Generally speaking, students can expect to improve somewhere around 20 points on a specific section (Math, Verbal) for every 5-8 hours of extra hours of Test Prep with the tutor (and here I am talking about me) for the SAT exam, provided the student practices whatever was discussed in the tutoring session.

Now that I have told you that I am not a magician but an honest online SAT tutor and if you want to hire me as your SAT tutor, you are welcome to discuss your specific SAT tutoring requirements.

In-person SAT tutoring is available only in Gurgaon and Delhi. For students living outside of Gurgaon and Delhi, I provide online SAT tutoring via Skype or Webex. I have tried to explain a lot of things here about my tutoring style, but if you have any doubts you may reach out to me via SAT/ACT enquiry.

If you have any doubts regarding effectiveness of online tutoring, you can find my online tutoring experience here.

Thank you for reading till here!